A Better Finder Rename

A Better Finder Rename 9.22

A powerful way to rename files


  • Changes huge batches of files in one go
  • Works with MP3s
  • Allows you to preview files


  • Doesn't accept all file types

Very good

Renaming files can be an absolute nightmare if you're faced with a batch of wrongly-named ones, or recovered files which have had their IDs corrupted.

A Better Finder Rename is a comprehensive file renaming solution for Mac and can rename huge numbers of files in seconds. A Better Finder Rename allows you to do just about everything from adding, removing, inserting and replacing characters and text to adding formating, changing and even inserting sequences of numbers.

In addition, with A Better Finder Rename you can change the date and time of a huge batch of files at once plus convert file names to Windows NTFS, SMB, DOS, Mac OS, etc. You can also change the capitals of files name to lower case if need be. As you'd expect from such a simple application, there's not much to A Better Finder Rename and the interface itself is very simple and straightforward. Simply browse to the files you want and define exactly how you'd like to change them. What's most handy is that you can preview changes in A Better Finder Rename before you make them to see how it's going to look and affect the files (including MP3 files).

A Better Finder Rename is an excellent renaming tool which is simple to use and can save you hours of wasted renaming time.

Provides a number of small UI refinements.


  • Provides a number of small UI refinements.

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A Better Finder Rename


A Better Finder Rename 9.22

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